The Pianoman    

The Pianoman
Kevin Ellis puts his vast experience into every piano repair, recondition and restoration.
  Kevin Ellis's dedication and sought-after experience is evident in every piano repair, recondition and restoration he undertakes.  
There are some fine piano technicians and tuners scattered here and there but I'd be willing to wager that you wouldn't find a single one with the combination of skills and dedication that Kevin Ellis brings to every piano on which he works.
Trained by his father who worked in the Heintzman factory, he is the last of a breed. Kevin took the lessons from his dad and built on them—refining and inventing techniques and methods to reach the highest calibre of piano repair and refinishing. 
What places Kevin Ellis in a class unto his own—apart from his skill and talent—is that he puts his heart into his piano work.
He is easily the most honest, talented and dedicated piano man I have ever known.

~ Fred Napoli

Former CFRB Broadcaster/Writer & Narrator of
TV Ontario's "The Family"

Owner of the historic
Mason & Risch
Number 3 Grand Piano



Restoration is the art of transforming older, worn-out traditional pianos to their former glory. We renew all the age-affected felts, leatherwork, springs, loops, centre-pins, pinblocks,soundboards,bridges and strings etc., to enable the instrument to perform as well as when it originally left the factory.

Our fully outfitted, heated shop is one of the few that has its own soundboard press.

In a typical restoration we will do all of the following:

  • Restore the soundboard
  • Restring and re-pin the frame
  • Restore/rebuild the action/keyboard/damper assembly
  • Strip down and hand repolish the cabinet to reveal the natural woodgrain
  • Raise to pitch and stretch strings, fine tune to A-440
  • Extensively regulate the touch and damping
  • Overhaul the pedal assembly
Piano refinishing is 100% undeniably a job for professional piano refinishers. We offer a total refinishing service whereby the entire casework of the piano is stripped of its original lacquer/polish, repaired/veneered where necessary, sanded, stained, and finally resprayed. We can also do polyester repairs and buff cabinets when required.

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