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Norfolk County, Ont

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Kevin Ellis is more than an extremely knowledgeable and competent piano technician.  He is among the fortunate few whose workmanship is an art.
Kevin has worked on my pianos (including a Steinway, Boston and Seiler) over the past decade, and I am extremely thankful as our pianos have never performed better as a result of his dedication and passion. 

Kevin is a professional with integrity. He always provides the most honest opinion. I know of instances that he turns down lucrative assignments when he feels that it is more ethical to tell the truth.

I have a teenage son who is an aspiring musician. He is extremely fuzzy with pitch and tone colour. Besides painstakingly answering all his requests, Kevin offers to give him some basic knowledge on maintaining the piano. He is very kind to him.

Once, my son and I were given the opportunity to assess two identical pianos prepared by Kevin. He purposely voiced one to be more brilliant while the other was voiced to be more lyrical (as specified by a renowned pianist). It was amazing to play them side by side. It is also very eye opening to see what a big difference a good technician can make.

I strongly recommend Kevin to anyone who appreciates a technician with great skills and integrity.

  ~ Diana Lim